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January 2021: The VMC survey. XLI. Stellar proper motions within the Small Magellanic Cloud, Niederhofer F., Cioni M.-R.L., Rubele S., Schmidt T., Diaz J.D., Matijevič G., Bekki K., Bell C.P.M., El Youssoufi D., de Grijs R., Ivanov V.D., Oliveira J.M., Ripepi V., Subramanian S., Sun N.-C., van Loon J.T., 2021, MNRAS, in press

January 2021: RR Lyrae variables in Messier 53: Near-infrared Period--Luminosity relations and their calibration using Gaia Early Data Release 3, Bhardwaj A., Rejkuba M., de Grijs R., Yang S.-C., Herczeg G.J., Marconi M., Singh H.P., Kanbur S., Ngeow C.-C., 2021, ApJ, in press; arXiv:2012.13495

January 2021: The spatial distributions of blue main-sequence stars in Magellanic Cloud star clusters, Yang Y., Li C., de Grijs R., Deng L., 2021, ApJ, submitted

January 2021: Eclipsing Binary Populations across the Northern Galactic Plane from the KISO-GP survey, Ren F.-Z., de Grijs R., Zhang H.-W., Deng L., Chen X., Matsunaga N., Liu C., Sun W., Maehara H., Ukita N., Kobayashi N., 2021, AJ, re-submitted

January 2021: European Longitude Prizes. II. Astronomy, Religion and Engineering Solutions in the Dutch Republic, de Grijs R., 2021, J. Astron. Hist. Heritage, in press; arXiv:2101.04760

January 2021: Binary-driven stellar rotation evolution at the main-sequence turn-off in star clusters, Sun W., de Grijs R., Deng L., Albrow M.D., 2021, MNRAS, re-submitted

January 2021: Stellar substructures in the periphery of the Magellanic Clouds with the VISTA Hemisphere Survey from the red clump and other tracers, El Youssoufi D., Cioni M.-R.L., Subramanian S., Bell C.P.M., de Grijs R., Groenewegen M.A.T., Ivanov V.D., Matijevič G., Niederhofer F., Oliveira J.M., Ripepi V., Schmidt T., Subramanian S., Sun N.-C., van Loon J.T., 2021, MNRAS, re-submitted

December 2020: The GALAH+ Survey: A New Library of Observed Stellar Spectra Improves Radial Velocities and Reveals Motions within M67, Zwitter T., Kos J., Buder S., Čotar K., Asplund M., Bland-Hawthorn J., Casey A.R., De Silva G.M., D'Orazi V., Freeman K.C., Hayden M.R., Lewis G.F., Lin J., Lind K., Martell S.L., Schlesinger K.J., Sharma S., Simpson J.D., Stello D., Zucker D.B., Beeson K.-L., de Grijs R., Nordlander T., Traven G., Watson F., Wittenmyer R., 2021, MNRAS, submitted; arXiv:2012.12201

December 2020: William Dawes: Practical astronomy on the "First Fleet" from England to Australia, de Grijs R., Jacob A.P., 2021, J. Astron. Hist. Heritage, submitted

December 2020: Searching for chemical abundance variations in young star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds: NGC 411, NGC 1718 and NGC 2213, Kapse S., de Grijs R., Zucker D.B., 2021, MNRAS, submitted

November 2020: The VMC Survey. XL. Three-dimensional structure of the Small Magellanic Cloud from red clump stars, Tatton B.L., van Loon J.T., Cioni M.-R.L., Bekki K., Bell C., Choudhury S., de Grijs R., Groenewegen M.A.T., Ivanov V.D., Marconi M., Oliveira J.M., Ripepi V., Rubele S., Subramanian S., Sun N.-C., 2021, MNRAS, in press; arXiv:2012.12288

November 2020: The GALAH+ Survey: Third Data Release, Buder S., Sharma S., Kos J., Amarsi A.M., Nordlander T., Lind K., Martell S.L., Asplund M., Bland-Hawthorn J., Casey A.R., De Silva G.M., D'Orazi V., Freeman K.C., Hayden M.R., Lewis G.F, Lin J., Schlesinger K.J., Simpson J.D., Stello D., Zucker D.B., Zwitter T., Beeson K.L., Buck T., Casagrande L., Clark J.T., Cotar K., Da Costa G.S., de Grijs R., Feuillet D., Horner J., Khanna S., Kafle P.R., Liu F., Montet B.T., Nandakumar G., Nataf D.M., Ness M.K., Spina L., Traven G., Trepper-García T., Ting Y.-S., Vogrincic R., Wittenmyer R.A., Žerjal M., and the GALAH collaboration, 2021, MNRAS, submitted; arXiv:2011.02505

November 2020: Sydney's scientific beginnings: William Dawes' observatories in context, de Grijs R., Jacob A.P., 2021, J. Astron. Hist. Heritage, submitted

November 2020: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (Four-hundred-year-old stellar explosions reveal their secrets), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, February 2021, in press (in Chinese; English version)

October 2020: Multiple stellar populations at less evolved stages: Detection of chemical variations among main-sequence dwarfs in NGC 1978, Li C., Tang B., Milone A.P., de Grijs R., Hong J., Yang Y., Wang Y., 2021, ApJ, in press; arXiv:2010.15447

September 2020: A 2.8% distance to the extreme magnetar and fast radio burst FRB 200428, Wang S., Chen X.-D., Chen B.-Q., de Grijs R., Liu J.-F., Jiang B.-W., Gao J., Deng L.-C., Zhang H.-W., 2021, Nature Astronomy, submitted

July 2020: The VMC Survey. XLII. Near-Infrared Period-Luminosity and Period-Wesenheit relations of RR Lyrae stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Cusano F., Moretti M.I., Clementini G., Ripepi V., Marconi M., Cioni M.-R.L., Rubele S., Garofalo A., de Grijs R., Groenewegen M.A.T., Oliveira J.M., Subramanian S., van Loon J.T., Sun N.-C., 2021, MNRAS, submitted

July 2020: Blame game: Restoration quarrels and the Anglo--Dutch wars, de Grijs R., 2021, Arquebusier, in press

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