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Opportunity for postdoctoral researchers! If you obtained your Ph.D. from a World Top 100 university and would like to work in my group, please get in touch! This is an ongoing opportunity for 2-year appointments directly funded by Peking University. Note, you need to be within 5 years of having obtained your Ph.D. and you cannot be older than 35 on the start date (university rules, not mine).

Prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students already enrolled at Peking University are strongly encouraged to browse the pages under the Science tab. I am always happy to respond to questions or project enquiries -- feel free to talk to me directly! It might be best to drop me an email to see if I'm in my office, but if you happen to be at the Institute and my door is open, you are welcome to come in for a chat :-)

Prospective external PhD students, please note, if you would like to start a PhD project at Peking University, you need to apply to the university directly, through the Department of Astronomy. You can only choose a supervisor after your application has been accepted. I cannot directly take on new PhD students, without going through the university's admission process, so I won't respond to such requests.

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May 2017: VISTA Peeks Through the Small Magellanic Cloud's Dusty Veil, ESO/VMC team press release (3 May 2017)

April-June 2017: Richard is spending seven weeks as an Erskine awardee at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand; interview (pdf)

April 2017: Improved Method to Determine the Integrated Properties of Nuclear Rings: NGC 1512, Ma C., de Grijs R., Ho L.C., 2017, ApJS, accepted for publication! arXiv:1705.01251

April 2017: Richard was selected as one of three finalists of the 2017 Flame Challenge (written entry), explaining What is Energy? to 21,000 11-year-old school children!

24 April 2017: National Space Day aims to inspire the next generation, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

19 April 2017: Richard was quoted in a collection of opinions, titled Experts' view on China's cyber security and informatization progress

April 2017: In China, even the sky is no longer the limit, de Grijs R., 2017, submitted to the Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2017

13 April 2017: Migrant children miss out on school coverage, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

April 2017: Towards a self-consistent astronomical distance scale, de Grijs R., Courbin F., Martínez-Vázquez C.E., Monelli M., Oguri M., Suyu S.H., 2017, Space Sci. Rev., submitted for publication

6 April 2017: ORCID Board Elections 2018: Applications and Procedures, de Grijs R., 2017, ORCID Blog post

4 April 2017: Richard was mentioned in an article in 24 heures (in French) announcing the opening of a private Swiss facility by the Fondation Jan Michalski, aimed at supporting authors from around the world; his application was one of 29 proposals selected from around 900 submissions!

April 2017: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines of March 2017 ("Citizen science" on the rise), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, May 2017, p. 17 (in Chinese; English version)

3 April 2017: Richard was interviewed by Lion TV for a PBS/NOVA documentary, Building Secrets of the Forbidden City, on Ming-era astronomy, belief systems, and instrumentation at Beijing's Ancient Observatory

April 2017: We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher in time-domain astrophysics in Galactic open clusters; application deadline: 30 April 2017

April 2017: The VMC survey - XXIII. Model fitting of light and radial velocity curves of Small Magellanic Cloud classical Cepheids, Marconi M., Molinaro R., Ripepi V., Cioni M.-R.L., Clementini G., Moretti M.I., Ragosta F., de Grijs R., Groenewegen M.A.T., Ivanov V.D., 2017, MNRAS, 466, 3206; arXiv:1612.04650

22 March 2017: Chinese government strongly supports high-level expert advice, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

March 2017: Discovery of Extended Main Sequences in Four Young Massive Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds, Li C., de Grijs R., Deng L., Milone A., 2017, ApJ, submitted for publication

18 March 2017: Latest public screening of our documentary, The Science of Heaven, in Tianjin; news report

3 March 2017: A political 'perfect storm' may boost international talent recruitment, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick); Chinese version

March 2017: Young star clusters in circumnuclear starburst rings, de Grijs R., Ma C., Jia S., Ho L.C., Anders P., 2017, MNRAS, 465, 2820; arXiv:1610.09125

February 2017: Richard has been awarded an all-inclusive writing residency by the Fondation Jan Michalski to finish his historical monograph, Time and Time Again, in August 2017

19 February 2017: Food for thought and nourishment in Beijing, de Grijs R., Institute of Physics/IOP Life blog

19 February 2017: US universities alarmed at declining Chinese graduate enrollments, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

February 2017: Measure of the Heart: Santorio Santorio and the Pulsilogium, de Grijs R., Vuillermin D., 2017, Hektoen Int'l, Winter 2017, Moments in History; arXiv:1702.05211

6 February 2017: How Chinese universities can achieve world-class status, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

February 2017: Richard was interviewed for a news story in Physics World on China's next-generation space missions

February 2017: The VMC Survey XXII. Hierarchical star formation in the 30 Doradus-N158-N159-N160 star-forming complex, Sun N.-C., de Grijs R., Subramanian S., Cioni M.-R.L., Rubele S., Bekki K., Ivanov V., Piatti A.E., Ripepi V., 2017, ApJ, 835, 171; arXiv:1611.06508

February 2017: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines of January 2017 (Pulsars--enigmatic objects that remain as mysterious as when they were first discovered...), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, March 2017, p. 16 (in Chinese; English version)

28 January 2017: Top-level international talent recruitment remains challenging, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

January 2017: The VMC Survey XXIV: Signatures of tidally stripped stellar populations from the inner Small Magellanic Cloud, Subramanian S., Rubele S., Sun N.-C., Girardi L., de Grijs R., van Loon J.T., Cioni M.-R.L., Piatti A.E., Bekki K., Emerson J.P., Ivanov V.D., Kerber L., Marconi M., Ripepi V., Tatton B.L., 2016, MNRAS, 467, 2980; arXiv:1701.05722

January 2017: The radial distributions of the two main-sequence components in the young massive star cluster NGC 1856, Li C., de Grijs R., Deng L., Milone A. P., 2017, ApJ, 834, 156; arXiv:1611.04659

15 January 2017: Third screening of our documentary, The Science of Heaven, in Shanghai; event invitation, advertisement; news report; SHAO news

13 January 2017: Science and innovation awards honor key achievements, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

January 2017: Star clusters: Anything but simple (News and Views), de Grijs R., 2017, Nature Astronomy, 1, 0011; arXiv:1701.00053

January 2017: New open cluster Cepheids in the VVV survey tightly constrain near-infrared period-luminosity relations, Chen X., de Grijs R., Deng L., 2017, MNRAS, 464, 1119; arXiv:1609.05440

January 2017: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines of November 2016 (Pure water in a Japanese mine offers clues to the nature of supernova explosions), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, January 2017, p. 26 (in Chinese; English version)

29 December 2016: China's potential as a mature spacefaring nation, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

25 December 2016: China's research regulators step up efforts, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

16 December 2016: Richard has been elected to serve as independent "researcher" on the ORCID Board of Directors from 1 January 2017 for a three-year term.

12 December 2016: Richard was featured in a news story relating high-level discussions about the development of postdoctoral systems (in Chinese); photo series

December 2016: China as a destination for international postdoctoral researchers, de Grijs R., 2016, in: Proc. Int'l Symp. on Postdoctoral Systems, p. 149 (Chinese: p. 49), 10-12 December 2016, Zhuhai (Guangdong), China; download

December 2016: The VMC survey. XXV. Identification of quasars from their near-infrared variability properties, Hempel M., Ivanov V.D., Cioni M.-R., Piatti A.E., de Grijs R., van Loon J.T., Ripepi V., 2017, A&A, submitted for publication

November 2016: Variability in the Milky Way: Contact binaries as diagnostic tools, de Grijs R., Chen X., Deng, L., 2017, in: The non-stable Universe: Energetic sources, activity phenomena and evolutionary processes, eds Mickaelian A., Harutyunian H., Nikoghosyan E., Byurakan (Armenia), September 2016, in press; arXiv:1611.08409

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