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6 September 2023: Captain Cook and Health at Sea, Royal Asiatic Society of China, Beijing: public lecture, "Editor's pick" of The Beijinger

1 September 2023: Featured in the Dutch press (Trouw newspaper): Het wordt dringen in de ruimte, op weg naar de grondstoffen van de maan; also covered by De Morgen (Belgium)

August 2023: Extended Main Sequences in Star Clusters (review), Li C., Milone A.P., Sun W., de Grijs R., 2023, Fundamental Research, submitted

31 August 2023: Science and Technology Australia press release: STA welcomes top STEM leaders to committees; covered by Mirage News, The National Tribune

31 August 2023: Australian Associated Press story: Second night lucky for spotters of big, bright moon (see, for instance, the Canberra Times and many other outlets)

31 August 2023: How to watch the rare super blue moon in 2023: The exact times in every state, a story by 7 News citing some of my comments; see also Yeeyi (in Chinese) and Huaglad (in Chinese).

August 2023: The role of tidal locking in the formation of slowly rotating early-type stars in young star clusters, He C., Li C., Sun W., de Grijs R., Li L., Zhong J., Chen L., Qin S., Wang L., Tang B., Xu C., Shao Z.-Y., 2023, MNRAS, in press; arXiv:2309.01975

29 August 2023: This month's blue supermoon continues to excite, so I was asked for comment by the Sydney Morning Herald: Once in a blue supermoon: Eyes on the horizon for lunar double feature, following the Australian Science Media Centre's decision to highlight me as their weekly expert.

28 August 2023: I was asked to provide advice for a story for news.com.au: Best way to see rare blue supermoon for last time until 2029; syndicated by The Daily Telegraph and many others

24 August 2023: I was quoted a number of times by a journalist writing for Astronomy magazine: India makes history with its first Moon landing

August 2023: Bradfield's Memorial Plaque and Dawes' Observatory, de Grijs R., August 2023, Engineering Heritage New South Wales

23 August 2023: Russia has declared a new space race, hoping to join forces with China. Here's why that's unlikely, de Grijs R., 2023, The Conversation; article

August 2023: 4.1 IAU Symposium 376: At the Crossroads of Astrophysics and Cosmology: Period--luminosity Relations in the 2020s, de Grijs R., Kiss L., Szabó R., August 2023, IAU Catalyst, 9, 16

August 2023: Unravelling the Period Gap using LAMOST Chromospheric Activity Indices, Chahal D., Kamath D., de Grijs R., Ventura P., Chen X., 2023, MNRAS, 525, 4026; arXiv:2308.10539

14 August 2023: On request from the ABC, I commented on this story: The best photos of the Perseid meteor shower from around the world (in Bahasa Indonesia); picked up by Republika Indonesia; Shut; NewsCop

8 August 2023: I was asked to comment on the appearance of a bright "meteor" over Melbourne: see Expert Reaction; my comments were broadly covered by The Age and Newsweek, with more condensed reporting by The Guardian, National News Nigeria (NNN) and many others

August 2023: At the crossroads of astrophysics and cosmology. Period--luminosity relations in the 2020s, de Grijs R., Whitelock, P. A., Catelan, M. (eds), 2023, Proc. IAU Symp. 376. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. In press.

August 2023: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (Record-breaking flashes in the sky), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, October 2023, in press (in Chinese; English version)

26-27 July 2023: Richard delivered an opening address and a plenary lecture at the 4th World Photonics Conference and the 12th Applied Optics and Photonics China conference (AOPC2023); press coverage: Science China, 2; C114; SHI FAIR; instrument.com.cn; ZiDongHua; zg198.net; zwzxxw.com; MICE-GZ; eeany.cn; JuFair

July 2023: Of vermicide and vermifuge: A history of intestinal parasites at sea, de Grijs R., 2023, Hektoen International, Summer 2023 | History Essays

June 2023: William Dawes -- Scientist, Governor, Abolitionist: Caught between science and religion, de Grijs R., Jacob A., 2023, Springer Biographies, in press

June 2023: From 1 July 2023, Richard will be the new Executive Director of the International Space Science Institute-Beijing, a 3-year appointment at 25% FTE

June 2023: The ships' surgeons' toxic toolkit, de Grijs R., 2023, Hektoen International, Spring 2023 | Infectious diseases

June 2023: Temporary insanity in tropical waters, de Grijs R., All Hands (Australian National Maritime Museum), 123, 35--38

22 May 2023: I was asked to comment on the appearance of a bright fireball in the skies over Queensland last weekend; see the coverage of my comments in The Canberra Times, The Courier (Ballarat, Vic), The Standard (Warrnambool) and The Bendigo Advertiser

20 May 2023: Check out my lecture on Historical Chinese efforts to determine longitude at sea, given as part of the USTC Lectures on Astronomical History and Heritage (No. 9)

8 May 2023: Playing fast and loose with authorship conventions, de Grijs R., 2023, AuthorAID blog post

May 2023: New quasars behind the Magellanic Clouds. II. Spectroscopic confirmation of 136 near-infared-selected candidates, Ivanov V.D., Cioni M.-R.L., Dennefeld M., de Grijs R., Craig J.E.M., van Loon J.T., Pennock C., Maitra C., Haberl F., 2023, A&A, submitted

27 April 2023: Artificial Intelligence Not Yet Intelligent Enough to be a Trusted Research Aid, de Grijs R., 2023, Guest Post on the Scholarly Kitchen blog

April 2023: Kinematics of stellar substructures in the Small Magellanic Cloud, El Youssoufi D., Cioni M.-R.L., Kacharov N., Bell C.P.M., Matijević G., Bekki K., de Grijs R., Ivanov V.D., van Loon J.T., 2023, MNRAS, 523, 347; arXiv:2304.14368

April 2022: Hubble Space Telescope survey of Magellanic Cloud star clusters. Photometry and astrometry of 113 clusters and early results, Milone A. P., Cordoni G., Marino A. F., D'Antona F., Bellini A., Di Criscienzo M., Dondoglio E., Lagioia E. P., Langer N. Legnardi M. V., Libralato M., Baumgardt H., Bettinelli M., Cavecchi Y., de Grijs R., Deng L., Hastings B., Li C., Mohandasan A., Vesperini E., Wang C., Ziliotto T., Carlos M., Costa G., Dall'Agli F., Jang S., Martorano M., Renzini A., Simioni M., Tailo M., Ventura P., 2023, A&A, 672, A161; arXiv:2212.07978

April 2023: Temporary insanity in tropical waters, de Grijs R., 2023, Hektoen International, Spring 2023 | History Essays

April 2023: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (Monster black holes lurking in our cosmic backyard), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, June 2023, 52-56 (in Chinese; English version)

30 March 2023: Expert reaction: Second coronal hole detected on the Sun in one week (with a quote from Richard); Scientias media coverage (in Dutch)

27 March 2023: Can I re(prod)use that figure?, de Grijs R., 2023, AuthorAID blog post

16 March 2023: Weaving together a global team: INASP blog post published as part of their 2022 annual report; introduces new INASP Associates (including Richard)

March 2023: The Cosmology of David Bohm: Scientific and Theological Significance, de Grijs R., Costache D., 2023, Theology and Science, in press; academia.edu, arXiv:2303.04303

March 2023: I submitted my entry to the 2023 Blacktown Mayoral History Prize: Stand and Deliver! A comprehensive account of "Bold" John Donohoe and his unmerry men

March 2023: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (The Himalayas in a beer mug), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, March 2023, 38-42 (in Chinese; English version)

February 2023: Early star charts of the Dutch East India Company, de Grijs R., 2023. In: Essays on Astronomical History and Heritage. A Tribute to Wayne Orchiston on His 80th Birthday. Gullberg S.R., and Robertson P., eds. New York: Springer, Ch. 3, 39--55; arXiv:2302.12992

20 February 2023: Sky shows: A stargazer's guide to 2023: My recommendations for night-sky events to observe this year, published in Macquarie University's Lighthouse series of press clippings

February 2023: John and Walter F. Mackenzie, acclaimed Wiganite brothers half a world away, de Grijs R., 2023, Past Forward, in press; selected as runner up in the 2023 Barbara O'Neill Local History Writing Competition (Wigan, UK)

9 February 2023: Should researchers really be worried about ChatGPT?, de Grijs R., 2023, AuthorAID blog post; INASP blog post

9 February 2023: Richard was quoted in an article in Nature, US funders must do more to ensure research reliability; The Star Bulletin

February 2023: Precise Empirical Determination of Metallicity Dependence of Near-infrared Period--Luminosity Relations for RR Lyrae Variables, Bhardwaj, A., Marconi, M., Rejkuba, M., de Grijs, R., Singh, H.P., Braga, V.P., Kanbur, S., Ngeow, C.-C., Ripepi, V., Bono, G., De Somma, G., Dall'Ora, M., 2023, ApJL, 944, L51; arXiv:2302.05455

February 2023: Astronomical Tent Observatories, Relics of a Bygone Era, de Grijs R., 2023, Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, 26, 159; arXiv:2302.02198

January 2023: Roger of Hereford: the twelfth-century astronomer who put Hereford on the map, literally, de Grijs R., 2023, The Local Historian, 53, 98-111; arXiv:2301.06610

24 December 2022: We have been informed that our application for student exchange under the Australia--India Research Students Felowship Programme has been successful! We look forward to hosting Ms Sipra Hota from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics for 8 weeks in 2023!

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