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20 March 2018: Some of Richard's thoughts on the non-political (that is, environmental) outcomes of China's recent legislative meetings, in response to a request from china.org.cn for comments: Foreign scholars' views on [the] Two Sessions

16 March 2018: Macquarie astronomers were asked for their thoughts on the passing of Stephen Hawking; see this highlight from This week at Macquarie: Vale Stephen Hawking

9 March 2018: Richard was featured in This week at Macquarie: Faculty of Science and Engineering welcomes new Associate Dean (Global Engagement)

9 March 2018: Richard was quoted in an INASP blog headlined AuthorAID launches new research collaboration forum to catalyse international research partnerships; see also this link

March 2018: The VMC survey. XXX. The spatially resolved star formation history of the main body of the Small Magellanic Cloud, Rubele S., Pastorelli G., Girardi L., Cioni M.-R.L., Zaggia S., Marigo P., Bekki K., Bressan A., Clementini G., de Grijs R., Emerson J., Groenewegen M.A.T., Ivanov V.D., Muraveva T., Nanni A., Oliveira J., Ripepi V., Sun N.-C., van Loon J.T., 2018, MNRAS, submitted for publication

March 2018: Connections Between Star Cluster Populations and Their Host Galaxy Nuclear Rings, Ma C., de Grijs R., Ho L.C., 2018, ApJ, accepted for publication; arXiv:1803.01501

5 March 2018: Richard started his new appointment at Macquarie University! And -- surprisingly -- he was quoted in the media (see [09:25]) on day one with his new affiliation...

March 2018: Isaac Thuret: celebrated clockmaker denied scientific credit, de Grijs R., 2018, J. Int'l Soc. Hist. Philos. Sci., submitted for publication

March 2018: The MALATANG Survey: II. The LGAS -- LIR Correlation on Sub-Kiloparsec Scale in Six Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies as Traced by HCN J = 4--3 and HCO+ J = 4--3, Tan Q.-H., Gao Y., Zhang Z.-Y., Greve T.R., Jiang X.-J., Wilson C.D., Yang C.-T., Bemis A., Chung A., Matsushita S., Shi Y., Ao Y.-P., Brinks E., Davis T.A., de Grijs R., Ho L.C., Imanishi M., Kohno K., Lee B., Parsons H., Rawlings M.G., Rigopoulou D., Rosolowsky E., Bulger J., Chen H., Chapman S.C., Eden D., Gear W.K., Gu Q.-S., He J.-H., Jiao Q., Liu D.-Z., Liu L.-J., Li X.-H., Michalowski M.J., Nguyen-Luong Q., Qiu J.-J., Smith M.W.L., Violino G., Wang J.-F., Wang J.-Z., Yeh S., Zhao Y.-H., Zhu M., 2018, ApJ, re-submitted for publication

March 2018: Blue straggler stars beyond the Milky Way: a survey of evolved blue straggler stars in clusters of the Magellanic Clouds, Li C., Deng L., Bekki K., Hong J., de Grijs R., For B.-Q., 2018, MNRAS, submmitted for publication

28 February 2018: "Two sessions" are a chance to address science and environment, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

13 February 2018: china.org.cn asked Richard, "What do you think of Spring Festival?" (in Chinese)

February 2018: Optical--Mid-Infrared Period--Luminosity Relations for W UMa-type Contact Binaries Based on Gaia DR 1: 8% Distance Accuracy, Chen X., Deng L., de Grijs R., Wang S., Feng Y., 2018, ApJ, submitted for publication

9 February 2018: Richard is quoted in an article in Het Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch Financial Daily), 'Wokpan' speurt naar buitenaards leven; local copy (.pdf)

February 2018: No Evidence of Chemical Abundance Variations in the Intermediate-age Cluster NGC 1783, Zhang H., de Grijs R., Li C., Wu X.H., 2018, ApJ, 853, 186; arXiv:1712.08161

February 2018: Elsevier has announced that Richard de Grijs is among the "most highly cited Chinese scholars in 2017", a list of names (75 in astronomy, earth and planetary sciences) that includes 94 faculty members at Peking University

February 2018: An unexpected detection of bifurcated blue straggler sequences in the young globular cluster NGC 2173, Li C., Deng L., de Grijs R., Jiang D., Xin Y., 2018, ApJ, accepted for publication; arXiv:1802.02307

January 2018: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines of January 2018 (Stellar refugees on galactic scales--just blame gravity!), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, March 2018, p. 18 (in Chinese; English version)

January 2018: New insights into the formation of the blue main sequence in NGC 1850, Yang Y., Li C., Deng L., de Grijs R., Milone A.P., 2018, ApJ, submitted for publication

January 2018: The VMC survey - XXVIII. Improved measurements of the proper motion of the Galactic globular cluster 47 Tucanae, Niederhofer F., Cioni M.-R.L., Rubele S., Schmidt T., Bekki K., de Grijs R., Emerson J., Ivanov V.D., Oliveira J.M., Petr-Gotzens M.G., Ripepi V., Sun N.-C., van Loon J.D., 2018, A&A, accepted for publication; arXiv:1801.07738

21 January 2018: Richard tendered his letter of resignation from Peking University, effective from 5 March 2018. A new chapter is about to start! Check out the new postdoc position on offer.

17 January 2018: Richard is quoted in a new article published as part of the Nature Career Guide, The ups and downs of moving to China; Chinese version..

January 2018: "Marvailous Cures": Sympathetic Medicine Connecting Europe and China, Vuillermin D., de Grijs R., Hektoen Int'l, in press; submitted to the Sixth Hektoen International Grand Prix Essay Competition

January 2018: The Near-infrared Optimal Distances Method applied to Galactic Classical Cepheids Tightly Constrains Mid-infrared Period-Luminosity Relations, Wang S., Chen X.D., de Grijs R., Deng L., 2018, ApJ, 852, 78; arXiv:1711.06966

January 2018: The VMC Survey. XXIX. Turbulence-controlled Hierarchical Star Formation in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Sun N.-C., de Grijs R., Cioni M.-R.L., Subramanian S., van Loon J.T., Bekki K., Bell C.P.M., Ivanov V.D., Marconi M., Muraveva T., Oliveira J.M., Ripepi V., Rubele S., 2018, ApJ, submitted

15 January 2018: How to establish productive research collaborations, de Grijs R., 2018, AuthorAID advice column

January 2018: The NGC 7742 star cluster luminosity function: A population analysis revisited, de Grijs R., Ma C., 2018, Res. Astron. Astrophys., 18, 13 (editor's recommendation); arXiv:1712.00007

January 2018: "I thought that he was going to die at any moment in my canoe", de Grijs R., 2018, J. Hist. Astron., submitted for publication

January 2018: An extremely low mid-infrared extinction law toward the Galactic Center and 5% distance precision to 55 classical Cepheids, Chen X.D., Wang S., Deng L., de Grijs R., 2018, ApJ, submitted for publication

January 2018: Not-so-simple stellar populations in nearby, resolved massive star clusters, de Grijs R., Li C., 2018, Physica Scripta, 93, 024001 (review article); arXiv:1711.06079

January 2018: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines of November 2017 (Preparations for James Webb Space Telescope operations offer tantalizing prospects of major breakthroughs), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, January 2018, p. 27 (in Chinese; English version)

29 December 2017: Richard received a 2017 Peking University Outstanding Undergraduate Instructor Award

December 2017: Impact of distance determinations on Galactic structure. I. Young and intermediate-age tracers, Matsunaga N., Bono G., Chen X.D., de Grijs R., Inno L., Nishiyama S., 2018, Space Sci. Rev., submitted for publication

December 2017: Standard sirens: Listening to gravitational waves, de Grijs R., submitted to the Sixth Annual Joan and Arnold Seidel Griffith Observer Science Writing Contest

14 December 2017: Emigrant return policies may slow 'brain gain' in China, Richard de Grijs, china.org.cn opinion article (editor's pick)

November 2017: An internally consistent distance framework in the Local Group, de Grijs R., Bono G., 2018, in: Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale, eds Jensen J., Rich R.M., & de Grijs R., Peking University (China), September 2017, Astron. Soc. Pac. Conf. Ser., in press; arXiv:1711.03228

October 2017: Nuclear starbursts in galaxies due to non-axisymmetric bulges, Kim E., Kim S.S., Choi Y.-Y., Lee G.-H., de Grijs R., Lee M.G., 2018, MNRAS, submitted for publication

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