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Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Peking University
Yi He Yuan Lu 5, Hai Dian District
Beijing 100871

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Office location

Location on the PKU campus | Visitor information | Transfer from Beijing Capital International Airport
Office KIAA 217
Phone (+86) 10 6275 8461 (direct)
(+86) 10 6275 1134/6630 (secretarial office: Ms YAO Jie)
(+86) 18618192119 (mobile)
Fax (+86) 10 6276 7900

Electronic contact

E-mail grijs [at]
tallstarman [at]
grijs [at]
ApJL emails will not receive a response) [at]
apjletters [at]
(ApJL editorial correspondence only please)
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