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25 June 2024: I appeared live on BBC International TV in an interview about the Chinese Chang'e 6 sample return mission. The Associated Press (AP) issued a news story following a second interview.

June 2024: Searching for and characterizing halo substructures with the GALAH DR4 survey, Kushniruk I., Youakim K., Lind K., Buder S., Kos J., Feuillet D., Martell S.L., de Grijs R., Lewis G.F., Bland-Hawthorn J., Da Costa G., Hayden M., Zucker D., Zwitter T., 2024, A&A, submitted

20 June 2024: I was honoured to give the 2024 T. D. Lee lecture to 300+ PhD students at the Chinese Academy of Sciences: An astrophysicist's nightmare: When we thought we understood it all, the Universe chose to disagree; 2, 3, certificate; 4

June 2024: The VMC Survey. LI. Classifying extragalactic sources using a probabilistic random forest supervised machine learning algorithm, Pennock C.M., van Loon J.T., Cioni M.-R.L., Maitra C., Oliveira J.M., Craig J.E.M., Ivanov V.D., Aird J., Anih J.O., Dresbach F., de Grijs R., Groenewegen M.A.T., 2024, MNRAS, submitted

22 May 2024: We are formally launching our biography of William Dawes at the Australian National Maritime Museum; 2; 3

May 2024: No fitful rest for the ordinary sailor, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Spring 2024 | History Essays

May 2024: I was quoted in INASP's 2023 Annual Review and also in the IAU's announcement of the 2023 IAU PhD prizes.

3 May 2024: China's new Moon mission is about to launch, and it's a rare example of countries working together, de Grijs R., 2024, The Conversation; article

1 May 2024: My joint PhD student Amy Miller (joint with Potsdam University) achieved a major milestone with the submission of her PhD thesis, From fractals to relaxed clusters: Investigating hierarchical star formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud with near-infrared observations.

April 2024: The GALAH survey: Tracing the Milky Way's formation and evolution through RR Lyrae stars, D'Orazi V., Storm N., Casey A.R., Braga V.F., Zocchi A., Bono G., Fabrizio M., Sneden C., Massari D., Giribaldi R.E., Bergemann M., Campbell S.W., Casagrande L., de Grijs R., De Silva G., Lugaro M., Zucker D.B., Bragaglia A., Feuillet D., Fiorentino G., Chaboyer B., Dall'Ora M., Marengo M., Martínez-Vázquez C.E., Matsunaga N., Monelli M., Mullen J.P., Nataf D., Tantalo M., Thevenin F., Vitello F.R., Kudritzki R.-P., Bland-Hawthorn J., Buder S., Freeman K., Kos J., Lewis G.F., Lind K., Martell S., Sharma S., Stello D., Zwitter T., 2024, MNRAS, 531, 137; arXiv:2405.04580

April 2024: Of toerags and spice boxes: sanitation at sea, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Spring 2024 | History Essays; selected as "Today's article pick" on 29 April 2024 by Damn History

April 2024: I have been invited to speak at a conference on The structure, formation, and evolution of star clusters in Hangzhou (China), 27--29 April 2024; Conference website

April 2024: The origin of young stellar populations in NGC 1783: Accretion of external stars, Wang L., Deng L., Pang X., Wang L., de Grijs R., Milone A.P., Li C., 2024, ApJ, 969 21; arXiv:2404.08047

18 April 2024: I am due to deliver a colloquium at Nanjing University (China) on Unveiling the complexities of massive star clusters

April 2024: Ship fever: A malignant disease of a most dangerous kind?, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Spring 2024 | Infectious Diseases

April 2024: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (The search for extrasolar water is heating up, literally!), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, July 2024, 40--45 (in Chinese; English version)

April 2024: A foul "sailor's mouth" of a different kind, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Winter 2024 | History Essays

March 2024: New quasars behind the Magellanic Clouds. II. Spectroscopic confirmation of 136 near-infared-selected candidates, Ivanov V.D., Cioni M.-R.L., Dennefeld M., de Grijs R., Craig J.E.M., van Loon J.T., Pennock C., Maitra C., Haberl F., 2024, A&A, 687, A16; arXiv:2404.18175

26 March 2024: Australian Geographic attributed a few quotes on lunar eclipses to me despite not having been in touch in at least a year: What is a lunar eclipse?

March 2024: The Cosmology of David Bohm: Scientific and Theological Significance, de Grijs R., Costache D., 2024, Theology and Science, 22, 204; doi: 10.1080/14746700.2023.2294529

March 2024: William Dawes: Deep flaws and sparks of brilliance, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Winter 2024 | History Essays

11 March 2024: I was featured on today's SpaceTime podcast with Stuart Gary: Weekly overview

March 2024: My proposal to write a biography of Samuel Ward Flinders, brother of Matthew Flinders and tasked with astronomical duties during H.M.S. Investigator's circumnavigation of Australia (1801--1803), has been approved for development by Routledge/Taylor & Francis/CRC Physics; it is provisionally subtitled The other Flinders, Astronomer by Necessity and due for delivery by September 2026

March 2024: Wigan's Queen of Spades, de Grijs R., 2024, Past Forward, 96, 8-9; selected as a winning entry (third prize) in the 2024 Barbara O'Neill Local History Writing Competition (Wigan, UK); competition link

February 2024: AstroTalk: Behind the news headlines (Black hole "cannon fodder"), de Grijs R., The Amateur Astronomer, March 2024, pp. 39-43 (in Chinese; English version)

February 2024: At the crossroads of astrophysics and cosmology. Period--luminosity relations in the 2020s, de Grijs R., Whitelock, P. A., Catelan, M. (eds), 2024, Proc. IAU Symp. 376. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press

  • China Space Station Telescope and Variable Star Studies, Chen X., Wang S., Deng L., de Grijs R., Zhou X., Chen X., Zhang J., 2024, Proc. IAU Symp. 376, eds de Grijs R., Whitelock P.A., Catelan M. (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press), pp. 319--327
8 February 2024: I released Lunar New Year greetings (and an explanation of the prevailing mythology) in today's message to the ISSI-Beijing community.

February 2024: The GALAH survey: Elemental abundances in open clusters using joint effective temperature and surface gravity photometric priors, Beeson K.L., Kos J., de Grijs R., Traven G., Bland-Hawthorn J., Zafar T., Zwitter T., De Silva G.M., 2024, MNRAS, 529, 2483; arXiv:2402.07748

31 January 2024: A stargazer's guide to heavenly events in 2024: My recommendations for night-sky events to observe this year, published in Macquarie University's Lighthouse

January 2024: The VMC Survey. L. Type II Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds: Period--Luminosity relations in the near-infrared bands, Sicignano T., Ripepi V., Marconi M., Molinaro R., Bhardwaj A., Cioni M.-R.L., de Grijs R., Storm J., Groenewegen M.A.T., Ivanov V.D., De Somma G., 2023, A&A, 685, A41; arXiv:2401.12770

19 January 2024: Japan is about to land its first lunar probe. As more nations race to the Moon, how will we keep the peace?, de Grijs R., 2024, The Conversation; article, 2SER The Daily interview

January 2024: The forgotten menace of long naval patrols, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Winter 2024 | History Essays

January 2024: The grim horrors of the orlop deck, de Grijs R., 2024, Hektoen International, Winter 2024 | History Essays

December 2023: Extended Main Sequences in Star Clusters (review), Li C., Milone A.P., Sun W., de Grijs R., 2024, Fundamental Research, in press; arXiv:2401.08062

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